Intimate affair with photos, nature and never ending hunt for information

Lately I was asked why I don't join a club or a group of photographers to “enjoy” taking photos. This is not my cup of tea. For me photography is an intimate affair. I am not keen about being in one place with a dozen photographers trying to capture the same (Don't take this wrong, I like in depth conversation, helping others to improve photo skills and explain my approach to photography). I love to go out to enjoy beautiful places and carefully observe them on my own, undisturbed, in peace, discovering details. Such time heals my soul and is the way I recharge my batteries.

Photography is about creativity. I do not follow rules, therefore I could capture some photos which have never been published before or were published for the first time by me and eventually followed by others (more on this theme in a future article). I prefer to capture a view my way, ideally a way nobody else has done. Perhaps it's not the best photo, however it often carries important information. The photo triggers my zeal to know more about the captured subject, to learn and understand the big picture.

Observing the world via camera viewfinder brings me back to my other passion: tour guiding or I would call it story telling. I love to share my experiences and hear the experiences of others. I can't be and I don't want to be an expert on individual subjects. However, I need to learn a bit about everything. About society, history, fauna, flora, geology, night sky, farming, economy, politics, and so on. When needed or required, I can connect you with a real expert on a specific theme.

I would love to share my photo creativity and stories with you, ideally in a small group (up to 8 people) to be able to connect with you on a personal level. Ask me for a tour or a trip you wish to do, bring your friends or family together to enjoy a friendly warm approach, learn about places and perhaps to capture great memories on your camera.

Or you can support my photography on Patreon with your donation.

Thank you for considering our NEW ZEALAND TOURS. You will love it.

Martin Sliva

12 August 2021

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