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Your trip designer, planner, simply travel specialists

Prevent stress when planning holiday, let us do all the hard work for you.

Some might see us as one of many travel agents trying to sell whatever is available via an anonymous online booking platform. Instead we are your Travel Concierge, trip designer and planner. Put simply, we are experienced local travel specialists knowing the people and products behind the organisation of your next (and best) adventure.

Whatever you prefer, let us help you to experience New Zealand your own way, all year round!

Planning for your vacation should be fun and exciting, but more often than not, it's just plain stressful. The pressure to "get it right" and craft the perfect trip ends up overshadowing the whole purpose of taking vacation in the first place — to relax and enjoy yourself in a new place, region or country.

You can start by taking a questionnaire about the logistics of your trip and your travel style.

What is a “Travel Concierge?”

“A travel concierge is a professional travel advisor. A true travel professional has many years of experience. The travel concierge is a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate hospitality professional that helps plan travel activities. A travel concierge is well networked locally, regionally, and globally which is why they are very effective.”

Why would you choose our services?

We provide services based on our extensive personal experience knowing all of the New Zealand regions. Our specialities are the main highlights of the South Island, including Fiordland - our home. We are able to pick up the right activities and services on your behalf. We are empathetic in picturing your needs and expectations. We would like to know more about you - your interests, hobbies, daily habits, etc. so we can help to organise your desired vacations.

How we design your trip

Our goal has always been to provide an exceptional vacation experience that is tailored to each individual traveler. This begins with an in-depth consultation where we will discuss your hopes and dreams for your trip, previous travel experiences, travel preferences, and more. We then design a detailed itinerary customised for you, and work with you to make any necessary adjustments.

If you would like us to tailor your vacation, please fill our questionnaire or drop us a line about your desires. We are here to provide you the best New Zealand holiday experience.

Follow-up questions

Based on your follow-up questions we can better focus on what really matters to you in regards to your holiday:

Here are examples of questions:

  • Are you a "see it all" type traveler, or do you prefer a more leisurely pace?

  • Are there any sights, restaurants, or activities you know for sure you want to fit in? You can also let me know of any existing restaurants or plans so I can add them to your itinerary for you.

  • I see you've been to X... before, so I'll assume you'd like to skip the major tourist destinations (A, B, C, D.....) and instead focus on more local spots. Let me know if there's something on your bucket list you haven't ticked off yet, or wouldn't mind returning to.

  • Are you an early bird or night owl? Just so that we know what time you are used to having your breakfast, getting on the road and checking into your accommodation in the evening.

  • What mix of fine vs. casual dining would you prefer? You could prefer either upscale or casual meals. Let me know what you prefer.

We can be your guide as well, actually we prefer this to bring you the best NZ has to offer. Flexibility is quite often important and our tour guide can arrange things according to the current situation.

Give us a chance to show you the real New Zealand or parts of it, you will love it, guaranteed!

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