Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Go2NewZealand?

We have long term experience with creating itineraries and guiding. We have travelled, walked, flown and sailed all over NZ and tried many different activities. Therefore we can compare and pick up the best one on your behalf. We are actively looking for new places and opportunities. Our experiences we have gained are unique to New Zealand and you can benefit from this.

Do you provide scheduled tours?

Some tours can be scheduled, however we do mostly tours on demand. If you are an individual or a couple and require a tour on specific dates, please get in touch and we can try to get more people on board to dispatch the tour in your desired term.

What is the price of your tour and services?

Tour prices published on the website are based on a level of services described within the low season (peak season price might be higher accordingly). The published tours are meant to be an inspiration for what can be done. However we ENCOURAGE you to express your interests, wishes and needs. We will happily tweak the existing itinerary according to your expectations so you can take the most from your holiday.

Ways how we can create your tour and give the RIGHT PRICE:

  1. You express your expectations regarding services provided - quality of accommodation, what should be included in the price (e.g. breakfast, dinner, activities), we will give you a quote or suggest how much you might pay for your proposed holiday.

  2. You tell us your budget and expectations and we can discuss what is / can be available for the given amount.

  3. If you self drive and we provide a customised itinerary only, we will ask for a processing fee according to the extent of your itinerary.

Fixed dates tours

If a tour is with fixed dates we will provide services according to the description and provided price is accurate. You can still ask to upgrade your accommodation if you wish (provided it will be available).

How do we proceed to book your guided / self drive tour?

  1. Ideally fill a form on the website or send us an email or message with your ideas / wishes about your holiday.

  2. We will come back to you with a basic offer / suggestion.

  3. Within several rounds we will discuss your wishes, options and availability so we can create the best holiday for you.

  4. Once agreement is reached regarding services and prices, we will send you an invoice - by paying you accept our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

  5. If the tour is guided, you will get a description of the tour and meeting details. You will meet our tour guide and you can enjoy your holiday.
    If you buy a
    self drive tour, we will provide you with a tailored itinerary and vouchers for services you bought. Within your holiday we will be available on the phone if advice is needed.

Why are you based in Fiordland?

At first we travelled extensively all over New Zealand and after visiting all corners of New Zealand we decided that the Southern Lakes or West Coast would be an ideal place to live in. We love mountains, native flora and the ocean. Living in Te Anau, we have the national park on our doorstep (so we can be fully familiar with all aspects of the area and up to date), which is unique within New Zealand (in other bigger places such as Queenstown or Wanaka humans have extensively modified the original natural surroundings). Fiordland is the most precious jewel within New Zealand’s parks and reserves, an immense playground for outdoor activities and nature lovers - facets of life that are important to us. Also Te Anau has a vibrant community with a surprisingly wide array of services and activities available.